√ Checklist: 5 Reasons Your Brochure Sucks

Brochures are a great business tool. Customers love them because they feel like they’re getting a lot of info, and therefore value. It gives them a sense of control over their own destiny. You aren’t hiding anything from them or trying to pull one over. Brochures build trust like no other paper media piece in existence.

But yours sucks.

1. TMI – Too Much Information

You give too much information. And I don’t mean about your ex or your grooming habits. I mean you tell too much about your business – maybe even your life story – and forget that brochures are meant for more than that. If you want your brochure to do its job, it has to give the right type of information.

So, keep it simple. Your business’s mission and vision statements are a great place to start. You can and probably should include some information about what your business offers (as in money stuff) so they don’t feel like they’re wasting paper by taking it from you.

2. You Need to Practice Making Paper Airplanes

If you suck at folding, it doesn’t matter how nice your brochures look. If they aren’t folded crisply, your potential customers are going to think you’re a slacker. You obviously don’t pay attention to detail. And regardless of your industry, that is not something you want your customers thinking about you, because they probably won’t be your customers for long.

Chances are they’re on to something, too. If you let that ‘little thing’ slide, what else will you let slide? I once returned a $300 order of brochures to a printer because they were not folded and cut to my liking. That college kid thought I was an a**hole, which I am, but you know what? I wanted it done right.

3. There’s Nothing for Them to Do With It

There’s a lot of missed opportunities when it comes to integrating lead generation into brochures. I guess a lot of small business owners think they are strictly informational — they’re not. Your potential customers should have to do something with the brochure, whether it’s something as simple as filling out their information to inquire, or enter to win a contest, or visit your Facebook page from a QR code (which are highly overrated, by the way).

You have to keep in mind where your brochures are going to be given out, of course, and if you or one of your employees will be there or not. You don’t want them filling out all their info with no way to get it to you. If it’s located offsite, make a special offer with a URL on your website, or tell them how they can engage with you on social media. Be friendly.

4. They Don’t Match Your Branding

Flyers come and go, and direct mailers can change one season to the next, but your brochure is a pillar of your paper marketing strategy (PMS). If it sticks out like a sore thumb, or looks out of place in your business, people might assume it’s not even yours.

When your brochures are out in the wild, they should be a paper representation of your brick and mortar business. The essence of who and what you are should be on every page. Your brochure in an evergreen marketing piece, so it has to support your branding in a much stronger way than anything else you put on paper.

5. No Pictures

A brochure without pictures is kinda like this blog post: you’re only going to read the headlines and the stuff in bold and move on. But pictures make all the difference. They should convey your message. They should be informative, even without words. And ideally, they should be of you, your employees, your customers, what you do, etc.

Don’t think that stock photos can replace the credibility you’ll establish by including photos of your own business in action. Your potential customers won’t have to visualize you as their new favorite business because they’ll already have seen it in your brochure. Monkey see, monkey do.


I don’t care who you are, or what you do for your business. If your brochure sucks, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that you can leverage for leads and trust-building.

You should probably find someone to spruce up that brochure of yours. Wait… we do that!

Click the button and check us out.


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