√ Checklist: 5 Reasons Your Indoor Signage Sucks

Indoor signage has a specific target audience: your existing customers who are in your business all the time. There’s a lot of different types of indoor signage, from a sign telling your customers to use the other door, to one announcing an event you’re hosting.

These are usually some of the absolute worst things I see whenever I’m in a business. It can be a turnoff to your customers, especially if it clashes with the perceived affluence of your business.

1. It Was Designed by a 5 Year Old

You can tell when someone has put almost no effort into something. Indoor signage is usually one of those things. Your image on the outside has to match your image on the inside. If you don’t want to take the time to make an attractive sign, either pay someone to do it or ask yourself whether it’s even necessary to begin with.

2. You Don’t Know How Tape Works

This is amateur at its best. Whether you use one, two, or four strips of tape, don’t tape the corners down! It sounds simple, but taping the corners down is tacky and looks rushed. Take a moment and roll the tape instead, or use something else, like an acrylic holder. It looks nicer and more professional. If you do use tape, you’ll want to consider using painter’s tape in lieu of scotch tape, as it won’t tear the paint off your walls. This isn’t grade school anymore, kids.

3. You Expect People to Read It

News flash: People suck at reading things. Thankfully for you, indoor signage is all about reading things! Chances are, your customers won’t read it unless you make them, so, depending on the purpose of your sign, you may have to point it out or think carefully about its position. Signs regarding store policy and safety should be clearly visible, unless you like unhappy customers and lawsuits. Just saying.

4. You’re Color Blind

Yeah. I said it. Go ahead. Get offended. If you suck with colors, then just stick to one color. It’s not that hard. Indoor signage isn’t like outdoor signage in that you can use a wider variety of colors as well as contrast, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Remember: Your sign sucks.

So, I’d say the most important thing when it comes to color on indoor signage is consistency with your brand. If your business’s colors are blue and red, don’t use green and yellow and a splash of pink. For the love of Pete.

5. You Don’t Laminate and/or Reuse Them

Lamination fulfills two functions: 1) It keeps your sign from looking like total s***, and 2) it makes you look like you actually give a damn. Depending on how long your sign has to be posted, lamination will ensure you don’t have to print another one. If it’s up for more than 12 hours, laminate it.

The other benefit to lamination is that you can reuse your signage. Provided you keep it in good condition and don’t leave it lying around in a pile where customers can see it, this is a great way to streamline internal promotions. If you know you’re going to offer the same special next year or sometime in the future, keep the signs and use them again. Next time you do offer that promotion, you just whip your signs out and you’re golden. Just be careful of things that are date/time sensitive, and you’ll do fine.

So now you know why your indoor signage sucks, but seriously, did you not know before? Half of this is just paying attention to detail.

If you’re rushing around and always making lame excuses like ‘I don’t have time,’ then you can save yourself the hassle by hiring a marketing professional. Like us. Except we’re ninjas, too.

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