√ Checklist: 5 Reasons Your Business Card Sucks

Hey kids!

So, business cards are kind of essential for small business owners. I mean, it’s not like you can send someone your contact information, website, and phone number through some sort of digital, hand-held device these days, right?

Anyway, a lot of people do business cards right. But a lot of people do them wrong.

1. It’s a Boring Piece of Trash

And I mean boring. White background, no logo, no color, no interest. It’s disgusting and no one wants to touch it, let alone pick it up and put it in their wallet.

2. It’s a Gimmick

We’ve all seen it. Drop cards that look like $50 bills. An origami business card that contorts itself into a crane. Cute, but come on…

3. It’s Not Professionally Printed

Just because you’re a small business owner doesn’t mean you should do everything yourself! Jeez, people! Cheap business cards say “I’m cheap,” and you didn’t get into business because you were cheap (unless you did, in which case: good luck).

4. Incorrect Information

I’ve seen this before. You have, too. Sometimes its an honest mistake and you just left off your phone number, or your email is listed incorrectly and your customers can never contact you. Pitch those cards. They’re not even good enough for kindling at the camp fire retreat you set up for your employees in the middle of December in Iowa.


All of this doesn’t matter if you don’t even have business cards to begin with. This is the biggest colossal failure when it comes to business cards. They are essential. People expect you to have them. This isn’t like email in the early 90’s when it was an optional sort of thing, we live in the digital age where a gmail account is a prerequisite for employment at Burger King.

Free Business Card Design

So, your business card sucks? Well, you’re in luck.

I’m giving away free Business Card designs to the first 200 people who click that red button down there. No catch. Just do it.

I don’t care if you sell unicorns. PRESS. THE. BUTTON.


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